Presentations and Trainings...

Play Therapy "Fun"damentals! Adults can play too!

One of my favorite things to do is present and train about play and expressive therapies- including Sandtray and now Nature Play Therapy!  I present foundational play therapy trainings for TNAPT locally, but I can also tailor a program for agencies or specific locations and can go on the road as requested to bring play therapy training to you!

In 2019 I have so far presented in Atlanta in March on "Sandtray Basics for Ind, Famiy and Play Therapy" and will present this again in Somerset, KY in August.  I have also presented this year for Agape in Nashville, the annual TCSW Conference in Brentwood, the TLPC conference in Nashville, for Centerstone, and the Metro Nashville School Counselor's Conference.  I also did a Puppets in Play Therapy training in August, and in September presentined for two days in Knoxville on "The Therapeutic Powers of Play Therapy and Sandtray".  

I have other trainings scheduled throughout Tennessee this year as well.  I am also including more Nature Play Therapy presentations this year!  I will be presenting this for the Connecting for Children's Justice Conference in Ocotber as well as part of a Nature in Play Therapy retreat in GA with four other play therapists.   I will also be doing a live webinar on Nature Play Therapy to Australia!  For TNAPT I am joining another therapist to present for two days on "The Call of the Wild: Nature Play Therapy" at Henry Horton State Park in OCtober for an overnght retreat. 

I was very excited and honored to be present in England in June on "Play Therapy with Children of Divorce" as part of Dr. Charles Schaefer's International Play Therapy Study Group at Wroxton.  Meeting and collaborating with play therapists from around the world was one of the most fulfilling things I have ever experienced.

I will also be presenting in Chicago in Nov. for the International Bullying Prevention Conference on "Utilizing theTherapeutic Powers of Play and Creativity to Build Resiliency and Empowerment for Children Undergoing Bullying and Intimidation"


So many great trainings ahead!  Please let me know if you are interested in having me come train at your agency or in your area! I am getting asked more and more about trainings in sandtray therapy.  I have a travel collection of images and sandtrays where I can train up to 25 at one time, where all participants are doing actual experiential work in the sand as you learn.  I have found the best way to learn about sandtray therapy is to actually experience the sand, so this is a large part of the training I provide. Sandtray therapy can be a very large part of play therapy, but cal also be adapted for group and family therapy as well- as it's not just for kids! 



Sandtray Training in Murfreesboro TN in July 2018.

Being creative in play therapy with a group at Centerstone in Tullahoma in 2018.

Children's Justince Conference Oct 2018. Helpers of children are Superheroes!

I was part of Dr. Schaefer's 2019 International Play Therapy Study Group at Wroxton (Oxfordshire, England).

Current Presentations Include (but not limited to):

- Being Creative in Clinical Practice (Play Therapy, Social Work, etc.)  (1.0 - 3.0 hours)

- Creative Interventions in Play Therapy and Expressive Arts as Part of Trauma-Informed Practice (3.0 - 6.0 hours)

- Creative Interventions and Expressive Arts in Play Therapy and Supervision (3.0 - 6.0 hours)

- Expressive Arts in Play Therapy and Therapist Self-Care (1.0 - 6.0 hours)

- Getting Started in Play Therapy (6.0 hours- for TNAPT)

- Getting Started in Sandtray in Play Therapy (6.0 hours - for TNAPT)

- Instilling Hope as a Helper (Keynote address- 1.0 hour)

- NaturePlay: The Dynamic Duo of Nature and Play Therapy (3.0 - 6.0 hours)

- Play Therapy Fundamentals (3.0  - 6.0 hours)

- Play Therapy Interventions to Build Resiliency for Children of Divorce (3.0 hours)

- Sandtray Basic for Individual, Family and Play Therapy (6.0 hours)

- Understanding and Navigating Legal and Ethical Issues for Child/Play/Family Therapists Involved in Court   (3.0 Ethics hours with co-presenter Kelly Stephens, LPC, RPT-S)

- Vision Boards in Play Therapy and Supervision (3.0 - 6.0 hours)

- When Words Fail: Play Speaks: Why Play Therapy Works (1.0 - 3.0 hours)


Would you like a different training? Just ask!

I can tailor a training to your needs!